About The Johnson Scholarship Foundation

Our Foundation exists to serve disadvantaged people by assisting them to obtain education and employment.

Why Education?

We chose education because we believe that it is the best means to empower people to get better jobs, to become more independent and to participate more fully in our society.

Our Grantmaking Strategy

We fund scholarships and other programs that serve people in financial need. The Foundation’s programs are meant to help people who through no fault of their own do not enjoy the advantages of the affluent. Grantmaking is focused on organizations and institutions that serve Indigenous Peoples, people with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged people.

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation is intended to be a perpetual body, and it is our responsibility to improve it with each succeeding generation. We are privately endowed and do not solicit donations. Our capacity for productive work depends upon our investment returns. Oversight and management of the Foundation’s capital is therefore a vital part of our work. Please review the financial section of this website as it describes and illustrates our financial management, diverse asset allocation and investment process.